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1. What is Delledecor wall panels?

3D wall covering panels are durable, flexible and high-quality wall cladding panels, it is produced from high density (hard) polystyrene. The surface of the polystyrene is sprayed with an acrylic coat, to help with durability and is suitable for season changes. After the acrylic coat is sprayed, each panel is painted with UV paints in different colours, giving it the original textured brick appearance. Unless it is hit with a hammer or something sharp it will not get damaged from the impact of a general object.

2. How are the technical features of a panel? 

3D wall covering panels have a width of 100cm, a height of 50cm, and a thickness of 2cm. One panel covers an area of 0.5 m2. 
Our panels are very light as they are made of polystyrene (styrofoam). Since the main material of our panels is polystyrene, it also provides heat and sound insulation. It is heat resistant, also these wall panels do not get affected by damp/moisture. Because of the UV colour coat on the surface, the colours do not fade or get affected by the sun.

3. Does it have a health risk?

Polystyrene material is obtained by inflating with steam, it is an environmentally responsive, recyclable product that does not contain any harmful substances. 

4. Is it suitable for exterior use?

Our wall covering panels can be used easily and are suitable for exterior walls. Because of the acrylic and UV paint on the surface of the panel, it is resistant to external weather conditions. 

5. How is the implementation of the wall panels? 

Delledecor 3D wall covering panels reach you ready for installation. It is designed to fit the DIY system and has easier application than wallpaper. 
It is applied with an adhesive silicone which you can get from any hardware store, if there is no moisture/damage on the wall you will be applying and if the wall is flat. 

If there are problems in the application area, it is appropriate to bond with dust groups such as ceramic adhesive. 

Because the patterns on the panels follow each other and panels fit together, the joints are not visible. Panels can be cut very easily with a craft knife; panels can be used in wet places such as bathrooms. You can paint the panels with water-based paints anytime.  

Our panels can be wiped with a damp cloth it can be washed directly in wet places such as bathrooms. It is advisable no to use solvent-containing solvents to clean our panels.


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